cleaning by Lena

Some stones I would not recommend to put in the ground, like fluorite for example, or rainbow moonstone, which is labradorite. For example fluorite likes cleaning in the water, so I would suggest, to wait for the rain, and put him outside in the rain. He likes to be in the rain like grazy.
But jasper, nephrite, they love ground, even lapis does not like water, lapis I would do with Palo Santo or on the ground, don’t dig it inside.
Nephrite and jasper you can dig in the ground.
Moonstone is okay in the rain, the perfect idea is dry cleaning with Palo Santo, and do it outside under the sky, that is enough. Therefore I am also separating my stones for how they want to be cleaned, I don’t put them all in the ground, and after cleaning, because only ground can clean and charge, Fluorite can be cleaned and charged in the rain.
But sometimes when I have cleaned them under the normal tapwater, I am imagining that I am washing away everything, and that the stone becomes clean in my hands. Afterwards I put him to charge on selenite, or with the geodes of mountain Cristal, fluorite also likes to be under the sun.

So you can’t advise to put all the stones in the ground.

Unakite, rhodonite, quarts are all alright with the ground and water and moon.